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Kara Nail Remover Wipes-Lemon

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The pack contains 30 wipes and every wipe is effective in cleansing up to 10 nails! The wipe contains an Acetone free formulation for effective removal of nail polish, even of the darkest shade.

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The pack contains 30 wipes and each wipe is successful in purifying up to 10 nails!

The wipe contains an Acetone free definition for successful expulsion of nail clean, even of the darkest shade. These wipes are produced using poly-thick fiber and contain normal olive oil removes that forestalls drying of nail and skin encompassing nails. Additionally improved with skin feeding vitamin E, it helps in keeping your nails fed and saturated constantly. All wipes accompany a delightful fruity scent, which turns out charmingly post use.

This moving pack has been intended for accommodation of utilization whenever anyplace. It can be effectively slipped in your pack, utilized as a part of flights, classrooms, and meeting rooms anyplace whenever. Every one of our wipes are dermatologically tried, are without acetone, Toluene free and Paraben free.

In this manner starting now and into the foreseeable future in case you’re stressing over chipped nails, all you require is a wipe. Another shade is presently only a wipe away and make proper acquaintance with your nail’s new BFF cause you can wipe off, paint on wherever you are. All with Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes.


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